Thursday, August 10, 2006

An American Insurgency

I come to you today to proclaim my death as a regular "run-a-the-mill" American and my rebirth as an "insurgent"! Seems that if you oppose the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, you are part of a legitimate insurgency here within our very own borders! The Newt has finally labeled us who advocate peace and diplomacy as members of an insurgency. Only instead of using a rpg, we challenge the established authority with something much more lethal to their cause. What is this debilitating weapon us insurgents use? These American guerrilla weapons are our minds and our hearts! We don't have to pack these weapons on our backs; we don't have to worry about how to transport ammunition; and we don't have to kill any human beings. But our targets are dumbass political/corporate ideals that some elite human beings happen to support!

Cathy Garger says we merely have to look in the mirror to find this new American insurgency.
Newt Gingrich is calling for some new terminology for my friends and I who are non-appreciative of the current US wars. Seems that we will all be labeled as either "enemies" or part of the "insurgency." Clever way to start the civil war that divides us all quite neatly into two distinct camps, huh? That's what fascist governments have done throughout history in order to keep the people from uniting against the beast ... that is, those in control of their government.

This so-called "War on Terror" will eventually morph into a "War on Corporatism". Wasn't it Tom Paine, with the use of the pamphlet Common Sense, who galvanized the American insurgency and turned their hearts and minds toward the cause of the Revolution against another authoritative Empire? that I think about it, perhaps being labeled as an insurgent isn't a bad thing after all! Maybe we should be thanking Newt for the label?

In Insurgency,


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