Sunday, July 30, 2006

The State of the Beast

The Book of Genesis According to San Miguelito
by Miguel Pinero

Before the beginning,
God created God
In the beginning
God created the ghettos & slums
And God saw this was good.
So God said,
"Let there be more ghettos & slums"
and there were more ghettos & slums.
But God saw this was plain
to decorate it
God created lead-based paint
and then
God created the rivers of garbage & filth
to flow gracefully through the ghettos.
...On the fourth day
God was riding around Harlem in a gypsy cab
when he created the people
and he created these beings in ethnic proportion
but he saw the people lonely & hungry
and from his eminent rectum
he created a companion for these people
and he called this companion
who begat racism
who begat exploitation
who begat male chauvinism
who begat machismo
who begat imperialism
who begat colonialism
who begat wall street
who begat foreign wars
and God knew
and God saw
and God felt this was extra good
and God said
...On the seventh day God was tired
So he called in sick
collected his overtime pay
a paid vacation included
But before God got on that t.w.a.
for the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico,
He noticed his main man Satan
planting the learning trees of consciousness
around his ghetto edens
So God called a news conference
on a state of the heavens address
on a coast to coast national t.v. hookup
and God told the people
to be
and the people were cool
and the people kept cool
and the people are cool
and the people stayed cool
and God said

With the quickening of the people's long dormant senses, comes the clarity that will bring their empowerment. We can no longer pretend we do not see the emperor's nakedness. It's ugliness stretches around the globe and no matter where we look, we can see it's grotesque head.

We dare not ever take our eyes from the beast or turn our backs on it again, else it hamstring and devour us. For it's hunger is insatiable and in it's bowels, greed is the acid which churns and dissolves the real people...the human beings!

And here is the last episode of Alex Jone's documentary.

Part III


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