Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Constitutional Crisis

Just what is a constitutional crisis, and how do we know when we are in the midst of such a crisis? Well, back in 2005, a report was written by the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff entitled The Constitution in Crisis.

That document alone should have been enough to wake the people up to the decomposition of our constitution! But apparently it was ignored or effectively hidden by the continuous media onslaught about the "War on Terror". Now I understand an update to the 2005 report will be released later this week. According to this update, the Bush administration may have broken over two dozen federal laws and regulations. Some of these infractions are said to have occured multiple times.

The laws implicated by the Administration’s actions include federal laws against making false statements to congress [sic]; federal laws and international treaties prohibiting torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment; federal laws concerning retaliating against witnesses and other government employees; Executive Orders concerning leaking and other misuse of intelligence; federal regulations and ethical requirements governing conflicts of interest; the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; communications privacy laws; the National Security Act; and the Fourth Amendment.

Perhaps it's time to pay particular attention to House Resolution 635. Accountability is such an important aspect to a democratic way of life. Absolutely nobody should be above the law. There has to be equality in our justice system or we no longer have a democracy, but merely a plutocracy!

And standing on the soap box and preaching about how the desecration of the American flag must be stopped, while wiping your ass with the constitution is abhorrently moronic in my humble opinion! Damn, how stupid do they think the people are? Don't they realize we are no longer snoozing?


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