Sunday, July 23, 2006

America's Lifeblood

The news is in and even though they show a decline in Defense Department contracts, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former firm Halliburton Corporation reported a 51% increase in its second-quarter profits due to a rise in oilfield service revenue. Imagine that, the oil profits are jumping off the charts! According to a report released by a Californian congressman, the last five years of the Bush/Cheney energy policies have increased our dependency on oil.

Questions are still unanswered about the Cheney National Energy Policy Development Group and the NEPDG's mapping of Iraqi oil fields prior to the September 11th attack on the WTC.

Well, let's take a little closer look. Our anointed with oil elite, with the support of the current administration and government policies, seem to be doing well according to the market figures. The heart of america is the gas pump and it seems the life blood of the american dream is the color and consistency of crude. And the price to keep the mechanical heart of america beating and the machine greased is blood.

I wonder what the ratio of blood for oil actually is? Maybe one quart or perhaps one gallon of blood for a barrel of the stinking black gold. All I know is the price is way too high and there has been too much death and destruction in order to maintain profits for an elite few! It will only get worst I'm afraid and I see the cost increasing as we reach the end of the oil age.

Yes, we are reaching the end of the oil high that has been tumbling out of control for so long. The dream is almost over and it's the people of the earth who will have to take on the task of change. We can no longer rely on representatives and so-called leaders to get us out of this man-made catasrophe. They are too mired up in the stinking profit machine to ever hear our voice. It's up to the people to replace the mechanical heart of Uncle Sam with a real heart that relies on the blood of the people, not the oil of the elite!


Blogger 1 said...

love the, so true

as far as the Blood For Oil will end, when demand for it decreases.

Monday, 24 July, 2006  
Blogger atuuschaaw said...

Glad you liked the real Uncle Sam! My good friends over at uncharted made the image for me to use. I thought it was pretty awesome myself. :)

Of course you are right about the B for O Program depending on the demand. We've reached peak-oil; however I don't think we've reached peak-suffering due to petroleum quite yet!

Tuesday, 25 July, 2006  

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