Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Had A Dream

Have you ever had a dream that was extremely captivating and maybe even tantalizing? A dream that made all of your senses soar to the optimum levels. A dream that felt so perfect and created in you such a feeling of intense ecstacy. Do you know the sort of dream I am referring to? You know, one of those dreams that makes you wish you could have remained incognizant of reality and remained in that dream state for a while longer.

And have you ever had such a perfect dream suddenly transform itself from a sensuous and seductive vision into an abhorrent and repulsive reality? We are awakening from the American Dream and with the death of this dream comes the povertization of the people.

Oh what a beautiful dream it was. But the fact is, the dream was never sustainable and we have misled ourselves into believing it was real. Oh, the beauty of the system of which we've allowed ourselves to participate! Wake up call! We have hit the snooze far too many times and we must wake up and put our feet on the floor!

I have awakened and I find it unfathomable what has happened to our world while I slept. I find it detestable that I have allowed my stupor to bolster such an unsustainable social disease as consumerism, which has degraded humanity and has aided in impoverishing millions! But my feet are on the floor now and the numbness from my dream state is gradually subsiding and the cobwebs in my head are fading as I return to the real world of the living.


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