Saturday, July 08, 2006

Community or Come-ye-into-unity

Taking our oral histories and re-producing our stories into written texts shared with the community is our task. It is our social obligation to humanity to build communities which have higher principles and are sincere about helping the common people. A task which normally doesn't benefit any of us monetarily and which (currently) isn't covered by any collective bargaining agreement. But this task offers self-satisfaction and social rewards nevertheless. The rewards within our communities fall way outside the current corporate approved/disapproved social stratification norms.

The mongers within the corporate model just can't fathom the idea of a power shift which pools power within the people's hands through the growth of communities. It's beyond their grasp due to their severe handicap of close-mindedness. But we are teaching each other and sharing our knowledge and experience within our communities of interest.

These rewards will benefit our communities in the form of power and will continue to add to the growth, adaptability, and sustainability of the community. Once the people accept the task as a necessary part of their lives, a transformation takes place. In the beginning, it very much feels like a task, but as time melts away, so also does the feeling that contributing to the community is a chore. Contributing becomes the flame of activism and to some the very reason for existence!

Our task is to tell our stories of history from each of our unique perspectives. And once we take on this task, and participate in this sharing and community building, we are in essence, creating what we have been taught couldn't exist! We are venturing into the radical world of cooperative learning.

In the past, social power structures have compiled selected stories from a few select individuals in order to steer the direction of the masses. History has been used as a social tool forever and it will continue to be a powerful weapon in social change. The interweb offers us an opportunity to slow the elite's momentum. By breaking away from what we have been taught to be socially accepted norms, we travel to a place where it's okay to question authority and the injustices which surround these authoritative structures. In our communities, we can be equal but remain unique as individuals. And along with this shift of power into the people's hands, comes the opportunity to re-write history and do what we have been taught was impossible. We can maintain diversity while simultaneously weaving a sustainable world from fibers of justice, equality, and cooperation.

The very idea of a global village has been impossible throughout history. We have been divided by race, religion, regions, borders, and continents ever since our earliest ancestors were evolving into very simple basic social structures. Now the people of the earth have an opportunity to tear down the fences which have been maintained by restricting the vital flow of information. Let's just say that we are the social brain of civilization and by restricting the sharing of our stories, the powerful few have successfully restricted the blood flow to our gray matter. The life-blood of our cooperative mind is the free flow of information. This new unleashed current of knowledge is awakening our collective minds and we are just beginning to feel the power which comes from this flow!

Along with the responsiblilties associated with sharing our stories comes a greater responsibility. We have to be always vigil, and by any means, ensure this growing power of knowledge isn't gathered up and corralled by the world's totalitarians. If the elite few are allowed to harness, manipulate, and control the people's ability to communicate openly, I fear there is no hope for civilization! It is our watch people! We must get it right! This is our story!

According to wikipedia, in order for people to connect and be members of a community, there are four elements which must exist in order to realize a sense of community. There have also been five pillars recognized as the main supports of communities of practice.

Of course this shift in power into our communities is new to all of us and we continually struggle to define what we are and how we perceive our goals and the community's structure or even structurelessness! The constant growth and quickly changing information world can seem overwhelming to most of us. Even the wikipedia community continues to grasp for an understanding of who they (we) are! Daunting and sometimes confusing tasks no doubt, but very necessary for our sustainability and the future of civilization.

We're blazing trails into the informational wilderness. We're sailing the seas of unbridled knowledge. It is an exciting time for sure and if we attempt to map the dangers on these uncharted trails and seas, perhaps we can begin to construct a strategy for a living r-evolution. A r-evolution which would remove the inept power holders who are inable/unwilling to deal with the ecological crises we are witnessing here on earth. The same power mongers who fail to address the poverty, injustice, and inequality throughout the world. The elite who favor domination over true freedom and democracy.

It's time for the people to construct a sustainable society and supply new definitions to the words freedom and democracy. I say again friends, brothers, sisters, and family: "It's our watch!"

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