Friday, June 28, 2013

The Trigger Words of Freedom

We're told all we say is mined for specific trigger words We're placed in classes and categories by our bywords Our data is stored without our permission All in the name of the Homeland mission

They wage war on the truth tellers and whistleblowers alike Accountability and transparency they highly dislike Do as they say and not as they do A life of comfort they can undo

Freedom of speech can be stifled by fear Afraid to say the words we want to hear So be aware of what's going down Freedom in a slow motion breakdown

As our civil rights are reduced to naughts A society split by the haves and have nots What the future holds does not look pleasant The Rule of Law could no longer be relevant

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Battle Within

I happened upon a man sitting on the side of the road
His clothes were tattered and his face was furrowed
There was worry tattooed upon his face
Of happiness and hope there was no trace

I offered him some water and he drank of it deep
Then he dropped his shoulders and began to weep
A shadow of the man he had been before
His reasons to live no one could restore

He had seen more than his fragile mind could take
His life transformed into an unceasing heartache
After the four tours in the sands of the Middle East
The connection between his heart and mind had ceased

For him the world and the living were now external
The ghosts of his past were internal and infernal
Slowly any hope of his recovery had disappeared
He was no longer needed and budgets were sheared

Once proud and he was cheered for doing his duty
Now sitting alone and can no longer see any beauty
The thought of death once would make him tearful
Now it's life of which he is the most fearful

Of the horrors of war he'd witnessed therein
Seems the most terrifying battle is the one within
The fields of war he was able to leave behind
But in his mind the war remains confined

Photo: Banksy

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