Monday, November 14, 2011

Run - The Anarchists Are Coming

We all have heroines and heroes. Mine just happen to be those who have gained my trust. People such as Howard Zinn and Utah Phillips. In my humble opinion, honesty drips off these two anarchists like honey off the comb.

I wince every time I see or hear the attacks on anarchism. With the occupations on-going, the word anarchist or anarchism will likely cross your screen numerous times - if not now, it will in the future. Inevitably the media will do their part in trying to portray anarchism as chaotic and destructive. I have an issue with that big brush - one sided - definition of an anarchist. Some of my most favorite people are anarchists, and I'm glad they are!

Can any critical thinker really say the anarchist Howard Zinn was representative of chaos and destruction? Do you feel threatened by his dissent?

Does the anarchist Utah Phillips conjure up visions of destructive behavior and physical threat in your mind? Is it possible that anyone would see Utah's anarchism as a threat?

Please do not let the media place you into their self-constructed boxes which seem to destroy humanity and its values more times than not. My personal belief is that we need more anarchists and less ideology! At least more like these two!


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