Friday, June 29, 2007

SICKO: What's The Ruckus?

There has been a lot of controversy over Michael Moore's most recent film ''SICKO''. I don't think there is any need to list these, as I'm sure we have all heard the arguments. So in my opinion, what needs to happen is for everybody to view the film and draw their own conclusions. I would ask if anyone finds the film enlightening, and agrees that this film is an important documentary, that they please think about sharing and supporting this film and the issues it brings to light!

Michael Moore speaks about the Internet release of the movie SICKO and states he's never been a big supporter of copyright laws in this country and he is just glad people are getting to see his movies. In this short video, he addresses this issue of the early Internet release of the movie.

Moore brought his critique of healthcare to Congress earlier in June and proclaimed, ''You wouldn't expect your fire department to turn a profit. You wouldn't privatize your local police force. ... We need to look at healthcare the same way.'' And Moore made a point to tell everyone in attendance that there are four health care lobbyists in Washington for every member of Congress. Although 900 health care lobbyists were invited to an advanced screening of the movie, only about a dozen showed up to watch. The American Medical Association is the third largest lobbying group in the U.S. And in 2000 alone, the collective of health care lobbyist groups spent $209 million to gain passage of bills to benefit their members or either to sideline legislation that might harm them.

I had embedded the entire full documentary early this morning but the video has either been disabled or removed from Google's database. Of course if you have a pirate's heart, there are hundreds of copies around the web which can be downloaded via BitTorrent.

Even though the video is no longer available at Google, there are many copies which can be downloaded via [ BitTorrent] if you have a pirate's heart or you can go to the closest viewing. But here are a few more tidbits I picked up this morning concerning SICKO. I do highly recommend watching this movie. It is worth the effort.

Michael Moore with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

A movie review of Moore's SICKO by Slate Magazine.

A movie review of Moore's SICKO by Truthdig
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