Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The War of Civility: Part 2

Although the South definitely stands out when we look at the stats or simply drive through the countryside, the situation isn't much better throughout the entire U.S. We live in the world's richest and most technologically advanced country. But that doesn't mean that our citizens are better off than the rest of the third world countries. In the U.S., we have a child being born into poverty every 40 seconds! That is over 2000 babies born into poverty each and every day! Or over three quarter of a million each year! And the percentage of poor children who live in working family's households is 70%.

When we compare the U.S. to the rest of the industrialized world in regard to health technology, we find they rank first! But although the U.S. ranks first, there is an estimated nine million children living within the U.S. who don't have any form of health insurance. Child welfare authorities state that it would only take $2,000 a year to provide health coverage for one child per calendar year, but somehow our country, in all it's infinite wisdom, can't work childcare into the national budget. Currently, out of 50 states, there are only 15 which provide free vaccines to children regardless of their insurance status.

And hunger goes hand in hand with the poverty and healthcare atrocities. An estimated 13 million children living within the U.S. are not getting enough to eat, and the inadequate diets of millions of others doesn't provide the nutrition needed for a healthy childhood. This is absolutely sickening! It's so difficult to believe that this corporate empire is so calloused and uncaring about their citizens and their children. While they continue to refuse aid to our own people, our leaders preach altruisms day in and day out while spreading corporate-democracy to poor countries throughout the world. Absolutely unbelievable! And yet it continues and I hate to say it but there is no change in sight!

And what of education within this great empire? Well, to start with, the Society of Civil Engineers gave a grade of D- to the condition and quality of U.S. public education school buildings. And the physical condition of the buildings gives us a clue as to the educational system itself. There is an estimated 70% of fourth graders within the U.S. who can't read or do math at grade level.

And our great country ranks 14th in efforts to raise our chlidren out of poverty as compared to the rest of the world and it ranks 18th in the percentage of children living in poverty! And how does the U.S. rank in providing healthcare for our children as compared with the entire rest of the world countries?... DEAD LAST! That's right, the bottom of the heap! Isn't that enlightening?

The U.S. does rank 1st in a couple of expenditures...The U.S. ranks 1st in nuclear defense capabilities... and 1st in nuclear defense expenditures among industrialized countries...The United States spends nearly $30 billion annually on nuclear deterrence, including strategic and tactical nuclear weapons and missile defense systems. That's about the same amount we spent, on average, during the Cold War that ended sixteen years ago. Want a video demonstration on America's nuclear stockpile? The U.S. stockpile is eqivalent to 150,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs.

If the religious fundamentalists (any of you, any religion) want to truly do something to better society, I would urge you to focus your efforts where they would do the most good. If our world religions truly want to help...then they need to get off their lazy pious asses and start helping! For once, look farther than your own livelihood and your own worldly or heavenly concerns, and do something that matters and really begin helping society. Forget about the hopeless humanists and heathens... just help the children!


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