Sunday, June 18, 2006

Madness by Complicity

As I'm nearing my semi-retirement (pending language in the proposed pension reform bill), I have come to the realization that what I had worked and planned for could be taken away with just a little bit of political legislation. This realization comes from the recognition of how rapidly corporate management destroys the social fabric of the people...Shit, how long do we have to remain detained within these walls of corporate mis-management. Now I'm sure some people would say that my ancestry and being born "southern" could possibly play a large role in forming my attitudes concerning social justice or rather injustice. But I think this social awakening goes way beyond heritage and national borders. Lately I see meaningful interaction between more and more people throughout the globe regardless of which border they happen to be living within. These people happen to have some of the same attitudes in regard to social justice, equality, and ethical thoughts and actions. Borders are being dissolved in our virtual world through these interactions and the shared respect the real people have for truth. Perhaps there is hope for a world gone mad, or as Paul Levy calls it, "Collective Psychosis".

I sincerely believe we are all related/connected and I see huge increases in people who are willing to share their experiences, stories, and personal views. Our communities are growing and we are all discovering the importance of information. Freely sharing information within a community builds relationships, links, and some even become larger communities/colonies/organizations. We live in a honeycomb world with each cell becoming connected to it's immediate cells etc., etc. We seemingly instinctively want to form new ties in our virtual world because we are concerned enough to recognize corruption and it's allies. We all are basically in search of truth. This is our common ground I believe. Although truth can be veiled in so many illusions and we humans do tend to create our very own personal illusion of our life...and then there are the social design specialists who seem to constantly want to control dissent by the 'ol nip-it-in-the-bud philosophy.

We must constantly wade through the very apparent spin as well as the not-so-apparent spins. So much information with so many viewpoints makes discerning fact from fiction a daunting task! But a necessary one in my opinion. And anyone who tells you that the internet is powerless to change the world is out of their frickin mind! Pay these designers no attention, or on second thought, perhaps it's better that you do pay particular attention to the man behind the curtain! What is he spinning and just who may stand to profit off the spin being spun! Smile

And I think we all surely recognize that our web neighbors within our communities have just as much personality, (if not more), as do our immediate neighbors within our individual locale. This sharing of truth allows common people the opportunity to learn and share differing information/views concerning very important social issues which affect all our lives. This is how we will emerge out of the dark ages of what Levy calls a collective psychosis. We are awakening, very slowly, but we are waking up!

But a word of caution about being awake!: The seriousness of reality is very ugly and once the veils are lifted, that seemingly perfect dream world we were once happy in, can no longer be found. Once you break the barriers and find your way out of the structured boxes, you can no longer find your way back into that perfect dream world! You could and most probably will find yourself in a situation similar to Joe Bageant's: "This is the sort of strange national disconnect that has so many folks like myself silently screaming inside our heads."

It's probably not screams in Joe's head he keeps hearing, but the screech of the machine's wheels as fewer and fewer people are willing to give their lives to grease these wheels. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy to get off the illusionary ride. And I say it definitely isn't! But I would never want to go back and I'm quite happy here watching the wheels thank you!


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