Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does Wikileaks Really Matter?

There has been another important symposium discussing and deliberating the potentially paradigm shifting phenomenon which Wikileaks has helped bring to the forefront of the world. While the majority of the mainstream continue to reinforce it's biparisan world, and the people trudge along dealing with the new austerity movement — I am thankful we do have some critical thinkers out there who understand the importance of this issue, and are at least willing to attempt to reach some kind of understanding of how these transparency and freedom of information issues and the associated cause and effect could impact our future rights, freedoms, and even the very structure of democracy.

I continually wonder if I come off sounding like the paranoid Chicken Little with all this continual information on shifting paradigms and how we should play a much more active part, or at the very least, pay closer attention! Sometimes I think I should just shut up and read, and stop coming off as some wacko alarmist. But when I do step back from the stream, this guilt builds within me and I feel as if I am not doing my part. To be honest, I no longer know if that is because I feel I am letting everybody else down or if it is because I feel I am cheating myself. Regardless, seeing as I really hate feeling guilty, I suppose I will continue to tell of our falling skies. I apologize.

The speakers of this panel include, Daniel Ellsberg, Clay Shirky, Neville Roy Singham, Peter Thiel, Jonathan Zittrain, and moderated by Paul Jay. — "A panel of leading thinkers explores WikiLeaks and its implications for access to information, security, first amendment rights, innovation, and more." Once you start the video, you can click on the Watch FULL Program at the bottom right of the embedded video. This will transport you to the main site and you can choose full program or individual chapters.

If you missed the previous symposium from Personal Democracy on the Wikileaks issues, you can find my post on the discussions here as well. It's entitled How Do We Survive the Leak


Blogger cile said...

Please do not apologize! Personally, I'm glad you are still at it. I know I can come to your blog and find the latest on this important issue. I appreciate your presence!

Friday, 28 January, 2011  

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