Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Us Now!

Most of us continue to be socially fractured between certain ideological issues. We are bombarded every minute of every waking hour by the mainstream media and it's fracturing tactics. While we continue down these manufactured paths, there is a quickly growing movement of people who have risen above these ideological barriers and are actively building a collaborative world. This movement is growing exponentially and it's supporters are moving beyond our black and white, left or right world, changing the story, and building a world based on trust and a new reputation capital. Self-organizing online networked structures are now threatening to change the fabric of government forever. When we look at these collaborative projects, we quickly see they are based on transparency, self-selection, and open participation.

We tend to superficially gaze upon the river and never give much thought to the immense active system which lies below the surface. Being superficial, there is no way we can determine the integrity or health of that system. These growing collaborative approaches to social governing are spreading, and these organizations represent the lives within the system — what lies below the surface. The people choosing to participate in self-governance are rewriting the stories and they are not encumbered by social or political borders. They are moving beyond the deadly corporatized/institutionalized models of society and building a world which will be structured of, by, and for the people.

This flim shows us examples of the collaborative efforts of a fan owned soccer club, couch surfers, and even a bank where everyone is the manager. We have been bombarded with the WikiLeaks issues in 2010. I admit I have been guilty of being a participant in that bombarding. What is important is — the issue is not about Assange or WikiLeaks; those are only the surface of the river. What we do not hear about is the hundreds of thousands of people over the entire world like you and I who lie below the surface and make up the actual system. The time in our history when information was effectively locked away for only a certain chosen few is over. It's Over! So we can continue to choose to sit on the bank and ooh and ahh over the stillness or choppiness of the water's surface, or we can choose to be a living part of that river and become one of it's caretakers.

— As our bureaucratic structures argue and debate over their ideologies and dogma, it is more common to see the people doing a much better job of building a future built upon transparency, accountability, and sustainability.

Us Now from Banyak Films on Vimeo.


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