Sunday, July 11, 2010

David and Beth

Take a walk with Beth through her and David's lovely garden! I agree with her, there is nothing more cooling than a walk around the vegetable garden...especially one as gorgeous as theirs. I'm sure most of you who live and breathe folk music...know of the musical talent of David Francey — and Beth acts as his full time partner and manager in the business side of his music. But have you ever seen the beautiful artwork of Beth Girdler? I am thankful Whole Wheat Radio introduced me to David's music, and now through David, I have been introduced to the wonderful talent of Beth. They both just seem to radiate warmth and happiness...and man, what a beautiful garden! :-)

But wait, there's more! David also likes to paint as well and has some of his work displayed on his artwork page. He also has a Road Journal and Beth is a writer as well and you can read some of her work at the Log Cabin Chronicles. I wonder if Canada knows how fortunate they are?


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