Wednesday, February 04, 2009

(David) Tenenbaum v. (Goliath) RIAA

This is merely a shout out...a show of support for Joel Tenenbaum. If you have not heard of this unique case, I urge you to take a little time and do some exploring. Last year Professor Charles Nesson and a team of his students from Harvard Law decided to defend Tenenbaum against a lawsuit initiated by the RIAA back in 2003 for his file-sharing activities.

Reading about the case, I found there have been 30,000 others who have had lawsuits filed against them for sharing and downloading music. All of those cases were settled out of court excluding one, which ended in a mistrial. Tenenbaum's case will only be the second RIAA case to go to trial.

Please take a look at the material offered on Joel Fights Back and if you feel this is a righteous fight, take a moment and sign the petition below, if only to show your support for the work Nesson and the students have done. Pass it around in your communities and gather the surge. As is mentioned on their website...this is not a vendetta. It's just that Joel Tenenbaum chose to stand his ground.
It’s about defending the average Davids against the corporate Goliath.

The student lawyers who are helping defend Tenenbaum are Isaac Kriegman, Nnamdi Okike, Debbie Resenbaum, Matt Sanchez, Dmitriy Tishyevich, and Aaron Dulles.


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