Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Easton, Stagger, Phillips Web Concert
January 22

Part time troubadours will come and go. For Tim Easton (JOSHUA TREE, CALIFORNIA), Leeroy Stagger (VICTORIA, CANADA) and Evan Phillips (ANCHORAGE, ALASKA), traveling the world and singing songs isn't just a diversion. It's a way of life. It is how they survive in this world, and it is what caused them to cross each others paths.

The three singer/songwriters first came together at Easton's Joshua Tree desert home in 2007. They had mutual respect for each others work but the thought of forming a band was the last thing on their minds. Fast forward to January 2008 where Easton and Stagger are the support acts for Phillips' band The Whipsaws on their Alaskan CD release tour and the three start to collaborate. With the assistance of Anchorage resident and recording engineer Greg Benolkin, the three musicians found themselves laying down tracks during a winter storm in a cabin in Girdwood, Alaska. The snow was falling and the tape was rolling and what came out of that three day session was a lifelong friendship plus a beautiful record of songs the three had been stockpiling. The majority of ONE FOR THE DITCH was recorded at that session, and on the third evening, their first performance as Easton, Stagger, Phillips took place at Vagabond Blues in Palmer, Alaska.

On January 22, 2009 at 10:00 pm Central time, Whole Wheat Radio will host Easton and Stagger at the Wheat Palace for a house concert that will be streamed live on the web for all to enjoy. I invite everyone to listen in through either of the three audio links provided on Whole Wheat Radio. If you have trouble listening, just go to the Tune in page where all the options are spelled out for you. I hope you can make the time to witness how a house concert and it's independent musicians can reach out to a much broader listening base by using the web to their advantage. Hope to see you there!


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