Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mike Santana at MO's Edge

Being a member of the grassroots independent Whole Wheat Radio community has allowed me to meet some extremely talented artists. And last night at MO's Edge, I was fortunate enough to hear a fellow Wheathead perform in MO's intimate setting. I'm speaking of Mike Santana from the Memphis area. I got to know Mike from his participation at Whole Wheat and was introduced to his music that he had submitted to our library. Mike's artist page contains his three CDs...Point of Departure, In Transit, and Night Flight. All of which are extraordinary releases!

For the last couple of years Mike's new business has required that he put his music activity on the back burner. I asked him last night if he was ready to wade back into his music career with both feet and he admitted he would love for that to happen, depending on how the night went. And if what we heard at MO's last night is any indication, I believe we will be seeing Mike Santana playing venues once again around the mid-south! At least myself and many others are definitely hoping that's what will happen!

Accompanying Mike's extraordinary harmonica playing and vocals was old friend Joseph Aaron Fick ("Slick" Joe Fick) on the doghouse bass. Some of you may be aware that Slick Joe Fick runs the bass lines in the very popular band, The Dempseys. The Dempseys like Mike, also have their music in the Whole Wheat library. Two CD's...Drinking Songs For Your Grandparents, and Radio Friendly Hits For Your DJ To Play, both of which are available from their website.

And rounding out the trio was another of Mike's friends, guitarist "Big Al" Rollag, who was with Mike a few years ago when together they formed the band Metropolitan Avenue with Steve Earnshaw on bass and Mike Karcz on drums. "Big Al" with his uptempo electric blues and his low down jazzy licks was absolutely awesome!

Mike told me this scheduled performance was quickly put together and the three of them only had a couple of sessions prior to the gig. Sitting there sippin' on my double shot espresso and listening to their wonderful sound...I would have bet the farm that they had been playing off each other for years! A truly amazing non-stop two hour set that left everybody wanting even more! Others wanting to know where they had been playing, and where was their next gig. Two thumbs up for these three guys! They provided a wonderful night of entertainment for this old codger from Sardis, Ms.! ;-)


Blogger Jim said...

Reading this and knowing that ya'll hooked up made my day. Seriously. Thank you for making it happen and then for sharing. Good juju karma bro, good juju karma!

Wednesday, 07 November, 2007  

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