Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Voice from Walter Reed

With all the current mainstream media beating the Walter Reed scandal in every direction possible, I as usual much prefer my stories from the source! The following is from a new blog called Walter Reed: This Veteran's Life.
I once had a voice, but it was taken from me. I once had a life, but that too has changed. Somewhere in all of this confusion there is clarity. And somewhere in all these words I find it. This is how I find peace with myself, and with the world around me.

I have been called a patriot, and treated like a criminal. I have been called a Soldier and treated as the enemy. I have been told to get a hair cut and not to eat the civilians. My humor misses most people. Sometimes it is too rough, too dark, and too close to home. But that is what happens when you have seen too much and spoken too little. It finds a way to the surface. A way to be heard.

I urge everyone to read these first hand stories! These stories go way beyond statistics, reports, and finger pointing we see in the mainstream. This veteran's stories tell us of the importance of healing the soul as well as the body. According to this blogger, they may never be able to change anything, but they hope they will be able to change themself. And you can read of their hopes that this blog offers them.
I may not ever be able to change anything. But maybe I will be able to change me. Maybe this will give me a place to scream into the void when my screams fall on deaf ears.

We need more of us telling our own stories. It's up to all of us to listen and to speak up! Only by writing the stories ourselves can we hope to change our current physical and mental degradation!


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