Friday, January 19, 2007

Media's Future and It's Ownership

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein Rocks as he attends the National Conference on Media Reform in Memphis. Adelstein who is one of five Commissioners on the FCC, has attended many public meetings across the country over the last few years gathering information about the publics views concerning the FCC media ownership rules.

The Internet has offered us human beings the opportunity of participation. Citizen Journalism or participatory journalism allows us citizens to play an active role in the entire process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. According to We Media, given the means, people are smart enough to sort things out for themselves and find their own version of the truth. And the Internet has given the people those means! Access to information is no longer only for the powerful institutions and wealth dominated associations. The people have been thrust to the forefront of knowledge and along with this knowledge comes more responsibility.

The gatekeepers of journalism which have dominated society in the past are now threatened not only by competitors, but by their audience themselves! And even though our social networks continue to develop among our friends, family, and neighbors, the times they are a changing!

Internet and mobile technologies do have the potential to have significant, fundamental impact on the types of relationships we maintain, on where we live and work, on when and how we are educated, on how we entertain ourselves and spend our leisure time, on our politics, and on how we conceive of time.

The people are venturing into digital storytelling and the technology for other forms of citizen media continue to advance at a phenomenal rate. This is an awesome era in civilization! Never...(let me repeat that)...Never have the people had such an opportunity to shift the balance of power into their own hands. Using technology available, we can augment or fact-check any media through collaboration and this is what creates transparency. This is how we determine true information from dis-information! And this is how the people will actually create the winds of change!

People are shifting away from television and newspapers and relying on their connections throughout the Internet. And the old rules of politics are being reshuffled by online activists. Grassroots is key in determining the new political rules which future candidates had better grasp or suffer the consequences. The potential to broaden people's perspectives and even change their mind on certain issues is apparent. What a great tool we have in the Internet, and what a great opportunity to turn this mess around for the benefit of the people. Let's make history!


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