Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh No, It's the Yes Men

These guys began hitting the main stream media with their unique activism style somewhere back around the turn of the century. One of their first break-ins on main stream media was their controversial website, which forced our president to say to the public, "There ought to be limits on freedom"! For anyone who hasn't heard of the Yes Men, your in for a treat I'm thinking! Perhaps it's just my poor opinion of our current corporate state, that drew me to these alternative media activists. The following video of The Yes Men should be on the must see list for anyone who has a concern for our earth's sustainability. And this is "The Yes Men" on wiki.

I hope you Enjoy! And if you don't enjoy the video, consider this a public disclosure, that there are absolutely no refunds! :)


Blogger 1 said...

i love those guys

Tuesday, 05 December, 2006  

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