Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Power of Wheatheads

I first came upon the home of the Wheatheads through a link on activist Anne Feeney's Fellow Traveler's Advisory Blog. Thanks Anne, I definitely owe you one, and the more I visit the Wheathead Community, the more I can feel the roots anchor themselves within places where my spirit resides. I'm not talking about superficial roots which can be uprooted in the slightest wind. I'm talking about the kind of roots that tap themselves deeply within the heart and soul of real people. That's where the power of any community lies in my humble the real people of our world. Real people who find themselves in a quickly shrinking self-destructive world!

Wheathead is a state of mind, a sharing of thought and oasis in a wasteland of deteriorating circumstances we describe as life. Life in a world that has lost it's way through intersecting trails of consumerism which only lead to nowhere but disconnectedness and more deteriorating circumstances! Where is this portal you ask? Where do I find this fresh drink of water in this disconnected wasteland of human beings? It can be found at Whole Wheat Radio. Yes, by static definition it's an internet radio station. But that's the only way the unenlightened and disconnected can define this community. But WWR doesn't fit within those fixed definitions as it isn't stationary by no means. It's interactive; it constantly transforms, changes, and morphs into what it's contributors want. It's very existence relys on the people's desires. It's a labor of love and "IT'S ALIVE!"

I joined WWR back in August of 2006 and I see as of this morning, there have been 86 others to sign on since I had the pleasure. I have merely dabbled into the interactive side of the community so far but this will increase for sure. I am a sucker for communities and I've been involved in the Uncharted community for years now! And I have come to realize the importance of communities and the links they build between themselves.

I'm always ranting about the importance of people finding each other, joining together, and building communities. It's just a very important life saver for the people and our planet. We have been so disconnected, we have basically lost our way and have forgotten that part of ourselves within that really is beneficial to the human race. I'm proud to be a part of the awakening, and I only see it continuing and growing in leaps and bounds. The real people have this wonderful opportunity to write their own history, their own stories, and truths. We are becoming our own media and this is what is so great about WWR and it's interactivity. Absolutely awesome!

And I haven't even mentioned the unbelievable independent musicians who are the very marrow of WWR. Art has always been a catalyst of change within our world and it binds us together as no other form of activism ever has in my opinion. In our world of corporatism and consumerism, to see such an outpouring of talented people, is reassuring and gives me hope we can change our world. It is inspirational to interact with those who see we have gone in a direction of destruction, and are willing to step up and say "Enough! This lifestyle just isn't sustainable and we can do it better!"

What's that? You think I'm reading too much into an internet radio station? Well, all I can say is, we all awaken at different times and in different ways. And one day even the skeptics of the power that lies within communities will awake to find their spirit wounded and realize their life seems so empty and unrewarding. But when this happens, not to worry; the Wheatheads will still be here and they will accept you into the community, no questions asked.


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