Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's Hear the Truth!

I have been impressed by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich's actions. He has repeatedly stoop up and voiced his concerns and he seems to be one of the few of our elected officials who has actually shown some real concern about the path in which this country is now upon. In his speech from the floor of the House, it's evident that Kucinich is troubled over the deterioration of the checks and balances between the powers in our government.
"I want to know, are Members of Congress who challenge this administration as to their taking us into illegal wars, is that somehow contrary to allegiance to the United States? I mean, we need to think about this. What are we doing to this institution here? Are we turning us all into mice here, running into a corner because we are afraid to challenge the President?

If you haven't heard of Sam Gardiner, who once taught at the National War College, I urge you to read his report entitled Truth From These Podia. It has to do with the information warfare, perception management, and psychological operations which were/are being used in our government's misinformation war against it's people.


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