Friday, September 22, 2006

Noblesse Oblige and The Shift

It's all about perception! There are times we are taught to see from a different perspective and then there are times when a change in perception comes over us as a clarity of mind or as in a vision!

As our world advances and struggles to adapt to a more informed society, changes within our current systems are innevitable. As the political/corporate partisanship is increasingly placed within the spotlight, and the populous of our planet demands more accountability, our current systems will become strained and forced to change from their conspiratorial acts and seek more sustainable alternatives.

The current pyramidal structures are quickly losing their viability and sustainability within the next wave of our earth's social evolution. As we continue this journey into what Toffler calls the Third Wave, we will notice increasing pressures placed on our current social models and the r-evolution will see the transformation of the current pyramidal systems into ones that are more sustainable.

There has been discussions on the definition of leadership and even whether leaderless organizations are possible. This new paradigm shift which is fueled by the exponential rise of information is relentless and all encompassing. The most important aspect of these changes, at least in my opinion, is the participatory opportunities of the common people of our planet in the construction and directives of our future. We the people, are being transformed from consumers into creators. Never in history have the masses had such an opportunity in being the masters of their own destiny.

As human beings we have an obligation to ourselves and the people of our earth to fight for an equitable civilization. We have an obligation to our extended earth family and it's our responsibility to see that the world's corporatists no longer have fertile soil for their inequitable and unsustainable hierarchies. In my personal opinion, business and corporate interests have a noblesse oblige or a social responsibility to the people of our planet just as we ourselves have a responsibility to our fellow human beings. Our future will see increased corporate accountability as the workplace democratizes and the current structures transform into more horizontally structured systems.

As information is exchanged and the myths and realities are exposed, we will begin to experience the power shifting from vertical to horizontal. As this social shift takes place, we will see the master/slave relationships attached to the industrial age fall away and the rise of 'contributorship' will take it's place. The power of communication coupled with the creativeness of the people gives us the opportunities needed to adapt, adjust, and transform our world into a more egalitarian place for our earth's inhabitants. If we can imagine it; we can create it!


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