Friday, September 15, 2006

Change...Look Through the Window

Revolution can no longer be taken to mean just the destruction of all that is old and conservative, because capital has accomplished this itself. Rather, it will appear as a return to something (a revolution in the mathematical sense of the term), a return to community, though not in any form which has existed previously.
- Jacques Camatte -'s what we desire; it's what we envision; it's what we dream of; it's what is necessary for the future of the people. Yet, it is so very difficult even though the real people far out number those few who insist on keeping us docile and domesticated! The domestication of the people is so thorough and ingrained within our lives; seeing it for what it really is will be almost impossible...almost!

Each of us occasionally gains a glimpse of the true nature of what is deemed as civilzation by the corporatist. These moments of clarity and recognition of truth begin slowly but repeat themselves more frequently once the window is opened. Once opened, we can't help but venture to the opening and look again...and again...and again! Eventually we can't resist crawling through that window and experiencing the real world. Our senses peak as we learn to maneuver in this new community. We begin to unlearn what we have been taught by the domineering power associates, but even though we can see the absudity of the system, we keep returning to our existing lives within this corporate created bubble. It's simply our domestication supported by fear that keeps us coming back!

However, we will eventually grow to love the freedom of this new world so much, we will refuse to come back to our dependence and our awakening will begin to outweigh our domestication. We will begin to understand the power of change is in our very hands! Our independence lies within our human communities. These new communities are not a part of that other life. They can't be described within the structure of our domesticated world. they can only be discussed, described, and envisioned when we are on the outside of that window. As long as we keep attempting to gain momentum in "their" world, we are doomed. We must do it from "our" world!
Men and women will come to realize that they themselves are the determining elements, and that they do not have to abdicate their power to the machine, and alienate their being in the false belief that this will lead to happiness.

The moment this point is reached, it's all over, and going back will be impossible. The entire representation of capital All collapse like a house of cards. People whose minds are free from capital will be able to find themselves and their fellow creatures as well. From this time onwards, the creation of a human community can no longer be halted.

Imagine taking an active part in the r-evolution of the human community! The awakening begins simply enough. Each of us realizes there is something ...something which is not right with our world. This questioning of our existing uncivilization has always been with us, even if it was only in the back of our minds. So we begin searching for answers of why 95% of our earth's people should have to suffer such injustices and inequalities. It doesn't take long to realize the suffering is bestowed on us by our uncivilized masters. Being dependents of the elite, we have not had to do much thinking or become actively involved in the planning of our future. It's been done for us through the domestication and dumbing down of the people via the mass media and it's mass marketing techniques.

But we have allowed these social designers free reign for far too long and the systems they have been promoting are no longer sustainable. The designs are flawed and the people and our planet can no longer afford to accept the doctrines of the power mongers. Through the building of the human community, the people will bring about the desired changes. As we move away from being consumers and begin to develop ourselves as creators, we are in fact leading the way to r-evolution.

Mass markets and mass media are nearing death and community media has been born, and although it's in the infant stages, it's growth will far surpass anything we've witnessed in our lives or in recorded history. The human community will allow each individual to express their perspective through interaction. Community allows the people to connect through the sharing of our stories and these truths will be the sustenance which will allow the community to grow and actually thrive.

For you who have just recently found the window...welcome! For you who keep climbing in and out of the window...come on back! For those of you who have ventured through the window and actually tarried a while on the outside...c'mon let's get to work, we've only just begun the foundation!


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