Thursday, January 26, 2006

Secure In Our Homeland or Prisoners?

In the Attorney General's memo to Majority Leader Frist, Alberto Gonzales states that the authorization and utilization of domestic spying is entirely legal in all respects. So we can conclude that since we are living within a National Security State due to the war on terror, which is global in scope and infinite in duration, then all times are war times. And since the U.S. falls within the global dimensions of the theater of the war on terror, we can also conclude that it's okay to violate constitutional law and bring our citizen's homes and their personal freedoms under the tyrannical rule of this state of security. "Homeland Security" has in effect, turned us all into possible unlawful enemy combatants and placed us in a position of risking the wrath of the state by utilizing our constitutional rights.

Instead of Homeland Security, they should have just went ahead and named it "State Security (SS) and got it over with! But I suppose the use of the word "Homeland" serves the same purpose. The word has been used many times in the past to denote one thing and yet hide ulterior motives. You can see it's use in the speech on the anniversary of the “Beer Hall Putsch”.
For perhaps many a person will ask himself the question, why are we fighting at such great distances? We are fighting at such great distances in order to protect our homeland, in order to keep the war as far removed from it as possible and to spare it what would otherwise be its fate

And the word "Homeland" surfaced again during apartheid in South Africa.
Apartheid ideologues argued that once apartheid had been implemented, blacks would no longer be citizens of South Africa; rather, they would become citizens of the independent "homelands". In terms of this model, blacks became (foreign) "guest laborers" who merely worked in South Africa as the holders of temporary work permits.

How about this quote concerning the threats of the homeland? "An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to insure our domestic security and protect our homeland. ". Yeah, it's another of ol' Adolph's quotes which had to do with the creation of the Gestapo. Utilization of a major crisis is a well known ploy which has been used by totalitarian governments many times. If the people are made to feel insecure and unsafe, they will be willing to give up some of their liberties and freedom. This is how additional power and control is placed within a government's hands in the ploy that they will protect the people from the threat!

Here in the U.S. our school systems have increasingly steered away from the study and reading of our Consitution and the rights and responsibilities of the citizens within the document. We have become products of a manufactured political stagnation. We believe that once we vote, and our representatives are elected, they are the ultimate power and we must accept and follow their lead because of their political savvy. The majority of us wash our hands of the matters of politics once we go to the polls and vote. We are glad it's over and we can get away from the consuming and often sickening efforts required during these political drives of finger pointing, mud-slinging, and derogatory circuses. And our politicians like to see us draw back into our smaller, more peaceful worlds and leave the politics to them!

The fact is, our elected representatives should have no more power than what we as citizens decide and dictate to them. It's our responsibility to dictate to our politicians what they are to do, not let them do what they personally want to do, or what their party dictates them to do. Rather than blindly following a party line, (which has the tendency of forcing the process of thought out of the picture), we should educate ourselves on the issues both locally and nationally. We have been manufactured to accept our two party system and the power of these parties lies in our willingness to accept their infinite political wisdom as "all that"! Until we can break away from this manufactured illusion of democracy, I don't see the common people going anywhere but backwards as a mere few elite continue upwards using the people as their own stepping stones. The rights of the citizens have been slowly eroding through the globalist/corporate ideological intent of special interests. And we have allowed ourselves to become too compliant and have found ourselves immersed in the entanglement of consumerism and the debt which accompanies it.

Now while we are in this state of security, we find we can no longer question our elected leaders less we become threats to our homeland security. If we disagree with our elected officials, then we are considered treasonous, unpatriotic, scum and by speaking up against a very obvious growing tyranny, we are in essence aiding and abetting our homeland's enemy. More control and manufacturing of consent is all this is people. If you give up your rights now, I guarantee you'll have to fight to get them back later! We all know how concessions work don't we? It takes practically a miracle to ever get them back! It occurs to me how this seizing and centralization of power into the hands of a few, resembles a Bolshevist dictatorship more than it does a democracy or even an illusionary democracy for that matter! It's very obvious, to me at least, that even the once normal illusion of democracy is disappearing and the reality of the tyranny is beginning! Are we being protected by Homeland Security or are we consenting to becoming political prisoners?


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