Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogging for Power

The evolvement of the blogosphere continues and depending on which source you want to quote, there are currently somewhere around 20 million blogs online. And the growth rate of these blogs is somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 per day! Bloggers post content to the web around 600,000 times per day with a regular readership of over 50+ million. Last summer, Technorati stated that a blog was created every second. However, in the nature of the web, these numbers tend to expand exponentially which makes it difficult to chart or predict what the next few months will show. The point being, the numbers associated with blogs are creating a power source of information. While the propaganda machines of mass media view these blogs with an air of condescension, the truth is there is a growing power in "them thar' blogs" that is free for the harvesting! An alternative power source which acts much like a battery and is mistakenly overlooked by mainstream lock-stepped social architects.

But this is changing and there are some web-based technologies which have seen the power within these blogs and are beginning to harness their information. One such site which offers blog tools for business professionals is blogpulse, which is part of Intelliseek Inc. The business world is beginning to focus harder on this untapped power and marketing researchers, public relations professionals, and politicians are attempting to harness this virtually new power source for their personal monetary benefits. Let's not let the blogs and the web become corporatized. We must harness this raw power for the people, keep it open and free, and offer all information and knowledge possible in order to keep this power in the hands/minds of the working people of this world. If the common people of this earth ever had a chance to unify and connect, this is the opportunity! And by the way, I use the word "common" with the utmost adoration, as it's what I've always considered the "stuff" that great things and great people come from! Common people are the essence of life here on the third rock.

The power of blogs encompasses a broad spectrum of issues. From refunds, to apologies from NBC Dateline commentary John Hockenberry, to the idea of a community management tool. And one very interesting aspect is how to utilize blogs in turning a community into a collective learning machine?

This quickly growing blogosphere offers all of us who are interested in building communities of people power, an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference in our own future and the fate of our planet. Do you have a thought? Share it! Ever wanted to speak your mind? Speak it! I urge everyone to try your hand at blogging. I am constantly in awe and humbled by the intelligence of our working people. I have seen the power of your minds. I have seen the compassion in your writing. And I have heard your demand for justice. Well, it's time people! Let's build such a large net of concerned people, that the corporatists and the trough hogs will have no choice but to listen! It's our watch!


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