Saturday, January 07, 2006

IWW vs. Thomas Brewton

I probably should just leave this alone and not consider giving this any more notoriety than it already has gained, but these people like Thomas Brewton actually have people who agree with their warped intellects and I find that very disconcerting. A search of the conflict between the IWW and Brewton clearly shows there are more links to websites who support Brewton's claims than there are in support of the IWW. I just thought perhaps I could add a link in support of the Brothers and Sisters who are part of the IWW and who struggle daily for working people like myself and the other 5.5 billion of us around the globe.

Just visiting Brewton's blog and reading his intellectually deprived dribble is nauseating to say the least, and his attack on the IWW is, to the conservative extremists, like the smell of fresh blood is to the hungry lion pride. He's apparently another of those self pronounced psychics who can determine what the founding fathers of this country "really" meant to say, and how they "actually" interpreted the constitution back in 1787. I guess Brewton has connections? Here's a blurb out of the Statement of Purpose from his weblog.
The View from 1776 presents a framework to understand present-day issues from the viewpoint of the colonists who fought for American independence in 1776 and wrote the Constitution in 1787. Knowing and preserving those understandings, what might be called the unwritten constitution of our nation, is vital to preserving constitutional government. Without them, the bare words of the Constitution are just a Rorschach ink-blot that politicians, educators, and judges can interpret to mean anything they wish.

Damn, I missed the class on the "unwritten" version of the constitution! My teachers and instructors must have been part of the radical socialists that Brewton talks about. How dare they only teach from the actual written constitution and fail to offer us the unwritten version! Doesn't this version of our constitution deserve it's place within our education system right along side the "unwritten Declaration of Independence" and the "unwritten Bill of Rights"? Or perhaps Brewton hadn't shared with us the "unwritten" version until after I was out of the education system. Thankfully we have the internet now to expose what Brewton calls a liberal jihad. Aren't the citizens fortunate to have people like Brewton to paraphrase and explain these important documents for us?

From the foundation of his unwritten constitution, Brewton has launched an attack on the Industrial Workers of the World. Here's what Brewton has to say about the IWW.
Liberals have long sentimentalized the IWW as a rollicking, happy-go-lucky bunch who merely bargained for justice in the form of better wages and working conditions. In fact, however, the IWW was nothing more than labor gangsterism, aimed officially at destroying our Constitutional government.

Below are the three articles he has written in a concerted effort to portray the IWW as a violent, morally corrupt organization intent on destroying the world (it would seem) by utilizing violence associated with organized crime. When he mentions the IWW, he uses words such as thugs, malevolent, bludgeoning, dangerous, terrorist, criminal, conspiracy, violence, murder, mafia, and sabotage, just to name a few!

The accusations by Brewton brought a response from IWW member J. M. Branum, who posted his reaction to the Brewton's statements on his weblog.
I realize that Thomas Brewton is a capitalist and wants to defend his system of belief from those who want to undermine it, but what he has said isn’t fair. The truth is that all labor unions were attacked rigorously by the bosses in the early part of this century. Thankfully, the IWW refused to cave in, and some Wobblies even gave their lives for the cause of workers’ rights, sometimes murdered by folks working for the bosses or sometimes executed by the state under framed-up charges.

An official response to Brewton's attacks has been displayed on the IWW's website and Brewton has responded to the IWW's request for a full retraction of his accusations in his log entitled Labor Union Thug Tactics on the Internet.

And to the interpreters of the "unwritten laws" of our land, I would like to say, "Get a grip, and if you haven't realized the danger already, I urge you to stay away from the brown acid"!


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