Monday, December 19, 2005

The Illusion of Democracy

Is there any possible way the exclusive "Club of Politico" can get any closer to the Orwellian idea of doublethink, than we are already? I will agree that the members of this club are highly educated and knowledgeable, but they are ethically retarded and their morality radiates from such a distant place within them, that the majority of the time it remains obscure. The members of the politico club, have chartered many new lodges within the club based on conservative as well as liberal doublethink. A sampling of some of the conservative charter members of the politico club are the "AEI Club", the "Heritage Club", and the PNAC. The liberal side of the spectrum is not as near advanced nor coordinated as the conservatives but they aren't rolling over and submitting defeat. Some of the liberal politico club charters are the PPI, and the CAP. Although the liberals charters are not as large and their numbers are fewer, the richest members of the liberal politico club vow to build bigger and better doublethink tanks!

This bilateral form of politics has pooled money and power into these two politico clubs and has literally forced so many of the citizens of the U.S. into a "lesser of two evils" form of democracy which is merely a "pseudo democracy" at best. When the people are forced to choose their leaders from among those already chosen through a "grand design" of an exclusive club, democracy is empty and meaningless. It may look like democracy but under close examination and scrutiny, it's obvious for anyone who has the ability to think for themselves, that what is being portrayed as a democratic state is merely a hollow shell of a true democracy.

Our freedom of choice is limited by a control of money, facts, and ideas. As long as our choice meets the requirements of one of the politico clubs, we can say we have the freedom to choose, and we live in a democratic state. But what if we don't follow either of the "grand designs" proposed by the two giants of doublespeak? What's that? You say we have the freedom to support and vote for an independent or third party candidate? Well, you are right, we do have that right but herein lies the problem of this bilateral system of politics and is what makes this system a pseudo democracy in my opinion. As long as the majority of political and economic power is pooled within these two exclusive clubs, our rights hinge on their designs and any freedom of dissent which will bring about reform in a pseudo democratic system is artificial. This right to vote for a candidate of our choice only gives us the illusion of democracy.

It is the job of our politicians within these exclusive clubs to act as buffers between the people and the power structures they represent. They have been given the task of keeping us docile and complacent in order to maintain the structural integrity of their clubs. Politicians are not representatives of the people but rather corporate interests rank much higher than the people when it comes to representation. If these elected politicians within these clubs do not act as functionaries and abide by the club's basic rules, they are black-balled out of the club. These large corporations hold the power to manipulate governments and economies. They holster their power in their threats of capital flight and other measures. As long as these pseudo democracies are hopelessly compromised by immense influence of large corporations, real democracy will only exist within the dreams of the people.

We've seen many attempts by these "dynamic duos of doublethink" to thwart dissension among the citizens in their fight for control. From Operation Chaos to the FBI's COINTELPRO, we can see how the powers in these clubs do not look kindly towards any form of dissent among the people within "their" democratic system. There has been so much forced propaganda from these two power structures, they can't even remember what is fact and what is fiction! Another example of control of the masses can be seen in the formation of the Office of Public Diplomacy and it's propaganda generating and media manipulation mission flagrantly named "Project Truth" and later renamed to "Project Democracy".

Most of the players who took part in these " information murders" haven't gone anywhere and are still at work within both of these political camps. The agendas haven't changed and the "Club Politica" is still attempting to control the populations through ownership of media and it's ability to twist and sway public opinions. Both the conservative and the liberal clubs are not separate and in fact are really one club. A giant "Club Politica" which is run by the omni-potent theory of capitalism and it's miracle tool called the "marketplace". These club members hail the free market as the world's salvation and they continually attempt to make "freedom" synomymous with freedom of markets rather than democratic freedom. Why do they do this? Because democratic freedom only exists in "our minds" and if we continue to support these exclusive clubs of capital without question, that's where democracy will continue to exist....only in our imagination!


Blogger cile said...

It seems that for too many this "idea" of democracy is really enough. Real democracy requires a vigilance few are willing or able to sustain yet it is just this vigilance that demands these clubs or organizations exist at all to support their interests. The more I take in about the beauty of true democracy and weigh it with the fallibility of human nature, the more nervous I get about the whole concept.

Then I think about traffic and how literally millions of people travel every hour in gutted and speeding thoroughfares and yet so few accidents per driver comparatively. Or the internet (no stranger to foul play but consider the sheer numbers!) It boggles the mind when you think about it! It is a miracle. Lets hope democracy and human nature have a few more surprises for us as the fate of freedom unfolds around us.

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