Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Clear and Present Danger

What we see today in the nationalistic, conservatist climate is an apparent "Clear and Present Danger", and the destruction of in it's wake takes a great toll on humanity and social justice is far removed. I once believed in the importance of negotiating. I once believed in the importance of compromise in working out our differences. I once believed practically everyone believed in compassion. I no longer believe these things. The enemy of our world is easily recognized and I will no longer negotiate with them nor will I compromise the destruction of humanity just to appease them. What these dictatorial few are doing is real terrorism.

The enemy camp which rages against humanity and supports the proliferation of profits for the chosen few is well fortified and they have been enforcing their ramparts for a long time. The American Enterprise Institute, is possibly the most powerful pro-business, right wing think tank in existence. Global capitalism is their goal, and placing their chosen people in powerful governmental positions, is and always has been, their plan of action. A plan that has been in the making for over thirty years and has been extremely successful especially since the introduction of reaganomics, or as it's known, the trickle down effect. Primary funding for AEI comes from the Pew Freedom Trust, which is based on oil money via Sun Oil Co. And AEI is just one of many of these so-called think tanks who have their hands and money in structuring the spin, not just in the U.S., but the entire world and the fascist smell is all over it.

We need to learn to recognize the many different guises in which tyranny appears.

"Like Brownshirts, the new conservatives take personally any criticism of their leader and his policies. To be a critic is to be an enemy."

In short, what we have alive in the US is an updated and Americanized fascism. Why fascist? Because it is not leftist in the sense of egalitarian or redistributionist. It has no real beef with business. It doesn't sympathize with the downtrodden, labor, or the poor. It is for all the core institutions of bourgeois life in America: family, faith, and flag. But it sees the state as the central organizing principle of society, views public institutions as the most essential means by which all these institutions are protected and advanced, and adores the head of state as a godlike figure who knows better than anyone else what the country and world's needs, and has a special connection to the Creator that permits him to discern the best means to bring it about.

The war of these elites has been so orchestrated and planned so well. Details haven't been overlooked and as we lay sleeping, they have entered our homes and now they threaten our lives. So thorough is their focus that even the books that are read have become part of their agenda. These "fellowships" of the largest of these "think tanks", according to Ralph Nader, "The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has a problem. It is loaded with corporate money, full of rich fellowships for Washington, D.C. influence peddlers, masquerading as conservatives, who wallow in plush offices figuring out how to assure that big corporations rule the United States and the rest of the world."

Thes 'new age' neo-cons are nothing more than parasites and their belief system is apparent. They are against affirmative action, bilingual education, multiculturalism, and they support welfare reform and tougher criminal sentencing. And their analyses of race issues in the United States is well documented. The Rights Race Desk and their belief of the Bell Curve shows too well they think their views and their intelligence is far greater than other people of race and or color.

Back in 2001, the National Review Online published an article by Michael Ledeen entitled "Time for a Good, Old-Fashioned Purge”. In it Ledeen, who was an advisor to Oliver North during the Reagen era, asks the Bush team to purge the “environmental whack-os,” “the radical feminazis,” the “foreign policy types on the National Security Council Staff and throughout State, CIA, and Defense, who are still trying to create Bill Clinton’s legacy in the Middle East…”

Although these elite have mainly been invisible while they have been building their empire, their camouflage no longer blends in with the surroundings and these elite and their supporters are easily identifiable. If we don't try to halt their nationalistic, fascist protocol, the human beings of the world will find their views, ideals, and freedoms "purged" and humanity will cease to exist!


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