Friday, November 25, 2005

Tortilla Curtain?

Back in the first week of November, the republican congressman Duncan Hunter, who happens to chair the Armed Services Committee, announced the introduction of the TRUE Enforcement and Border Security Act. While the proposed act covers everything from giving states authority of enforcing immigration laws to increasing penalties for hiring illegals, the one piece of the proposed legislation that stands out is the building of a 2,000 mile fench along the U.S./Mexico border. Believe it or not, there are others fanning the flame of this outrageous scheme. A conservative group called Let Freedom Ring has began a campaign called We Need a Fence.

The founder of the 'We Need Another Berlin Wall'...err...I mean the 'We Need a Fence' initiative, Carl Hanna, has this to say about their proposed border fence:

We have proposed a six-element fence that is modeled after the Israeli fences on the West Bank and in Gaza that consist of a barbed wire element, a ditch, a tall and sturdy steel fence that is heavier duty than a chain link fence but not a solid fence, followed by a patrol road. And then the same elements in the other direction, fence, ditch and barbed wire, comprising about 50 yards in total width.
Hanna's organization has already been promoting their idea on Fox News and CNN via this commercial and other senators are also supporting the fence idea. I've heard different proposals directed toward the 'weneedafence' group concerning a name change. Like 'weneedalife' or how about 'weneedsomesense'? Constructing walls is just another form of oppression as far as I'm concerned. The Great Wall of China didn't work, nor did the Berlin Wall! How shallow have these people become, that they can believe building a physical wall between cultures will change anything? Even the non-physical barriers such as the Iron Curtain and the Bamboo Curtain failed as well. The time for erecting barriers between the people of our earth is over. We no longer require or will we put up with barriers. We are way beyond that and the future of the earth lies in the destruction of these barriers, not in their construction! And they called native americans savages?

What we need is meaningful debate by people who actually have some frickin brains; not more conservative 'non-thinking', 'knee-jerking' actions by people who are too damn lazy or either too dangerously dumb to be involved in forming public opinion!


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