Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whole Wheat Community

Jim Kloss and Whole Wheat Radio are creating new definitions of community. As our government structures argue and debate over their ideologies and dogma, it is more common to see the people doing a much better job of building a future built upon transparency, accountability, and sustainability. These are the key factors...the very foundation stones of our future...and community is the tool of choice in this millenium.

So what is so unique about the Whole Wheat community? Well, it has a lot to do with demonstrating fiscal responsibility by being publicly accountable for all income and expenses. It has a lot to do with initiating a local mission along with an Internet mission, and melding the physical world with the virtual world. WWR is not your average run-o-the-mill Internet Radio station streaming music and webcasting house concerts. The community's roots go much deeper than that. As an example, last December WWR hosted one of the Transition Health Policy Team's community discussions with participation from the Talkeetna residents and the online members. It's all there, it's transparent...take a look! Whole Wheat was an active participant in the Talkeetna Community Playground Project, and purchased the monkey bars. We were there as the 2008 Talkeetna Democratic Caucus was webcast. The Internet community was even involved in the decision making process when the question of whether WWR should remain a member of the Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce.

Now there is a new twist to the Chamber of Commerce story which has brought to the forefront the need for a Whole Wheat Radio Event Contract. Jim's quick summary of the new twist:
I am trying to establish a generally non-discriminatory policy for holding events here. What do we, as the listening community, get in exchange? The right to webcast, record and document whatever that activity is. I realize that many of you won't be interested in listening to the meetings, but the deeper issue is: the local community will have a media resource they or their organizations can potentially use. This will hopefully encourage more local participation in all aspects of WWR.

I have participated in many online communities over the last 10 years, and I am really loving the directions taken by the WWR community...that is why I have remained and supported not just the wonderful independent music offered for play by some absolutely wonderful artists...but also because of the idea of an open community. A model that bridges the gap and encompasses both which allows everybody, whether physically or virtually, to be part of the overall value of the community. Whole Wheat has been the perfect place for allowing people the opportunity of creating a valuable community.

I am sure most people get overwhelmed by the multitude of social sites out there. They all have qualities and can be beneficial for many reasons. I have enjoyed my Google Reader, and I have also utilized a few of the social sites other than Facebook. All of them have their place, pros and cons, but when it comes down to basics and feeling at home...I'll choose the Whole Wheat community over all the other hyped social sites every time!


Blogger Rich said...

I am very appreciative of all the support!
Rich Baumann ♫ folksinger ♫ songwriter ♫ storyteller ♫ educator

Thursday, 17 September, 2009  

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